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silky smooth skin

This is the most cost-effective, long-lasting way to depilate, and the warmth of the wax makes the process more pleasant. It certainly leaves your skin feeling silky soft and sensationally smooth.

Waxing completely removes hairs from the follicles, Although it does grow back, with regular treatments over a period of time, the hair weakens and eventually stops growing.

If you normally wear knee-length skirts, this should do the trick.

Three-quarter leg
This is the solution if you're into short skirts and short shorts.

Just the job if you want to feel totally confident about revealing your legs.

Bikini line hair removal is essential if you want to look your best in your swimsuit.
£14.00 or £12.50 if combined with any leg wax

This is a much better solution than shaving.

Lip or chin
It's a small price to pay for looking your best from every angle.

If you've got traces of hair on your forearms, this will solve the problem.

Full arm
From wrist to shoulder, beautifully smooth.

Hot Wax Treatments
Hot wax is the most painless way to remove hair from the most sensitive areas. It is left on for a few seconds to set and the warmth opens the pores and allows even the strongest hairs to be easily removed. This is why hot wax is used for a Brazilian Wax (strip of hair left on the front) and Hollywood wax (everything removed).

Brazilian Wax £31.00

Hollywood Wax £37.00

Before waxing do not use saunas, spas or sunbeds.
We recommend that afterward you do not use moisturisers, deodorants, sunbathe or have hot showers for 12 hours.